The taste of hilsa

T ill the age of sixteen i didn't know that ilish(hilsa) could taste so good in a simple light jhol (a soupy gravy) like this my ma never made this particular preparation of ilish, it was always ilish bhaja (fried hilsa), ilish bhaape (steamed hilsa) or shorshe ilish ( hilsa in mustard sauce) at our home during monsoon, the ilish season back home. Herring tastes close to hilsa so you can try this recipe with salmon or herring if you don't get ilish/hilsa shad fish in north america has a taste close to hilsa too herring, american shad (east coast of us)and hilasa (pulasa or polasa in telugu, modenn or palva(gujrat) all belongs to fish family:clupeidae though differs at genus and. Taste the fish hilsa while in agartala, this is the place to taste the local traditional bengali cuisine especially the fish hilsa (called ilish in bengali) which comes from the padda river in bangladesh.

Sorshe ilish (hilsa with mustard gravy) is an authentic bengali dish made with mustard seed paste it's a traditional bengali dish nothing is more blissful than a plate of steamed rice with ilish fish with mustard gravy the flavour of mustard and the taste of ilish is just made for each other. According to him, the unique taste of hilsa was due to the presence of certain fatty acids like stereic acid, oleic acid and poly unsaturated fatty acids it is a special feature of hilsa and. Tenualosa ilisha (ilish, hilsa, hilsa herring ইলিশ in bangla, or hilsa shad) is a species of fish related to the herring, in the clupeidae family it is a very popular and sought-after food fish in south asia. Imagine a sushi made with hilsa think of a fish teriyaki that has hilsa instead of salmon then imagine a pizza with hilsa toppings sounds crazy well, stop imagining and have them for real at the park (zen, saffron and the bridge) as part of hilsa reinvented, a festival to celebrate bengal's most prized silver catch.

In all my ilish recipe, i prefer to use raw ilish, as i do belive frying ilish is actually ruin the original taste of the fish i slightly saute ilish only if i prepare ilish pulao, and deep fry if i wish to have 'bhaja ilish along with macher tel. Hilsa recipecontinuing with the hilsa mania, last week we had a small hilsa festival at our home and i prepared the all time favorites - ilish macher paturi , bhapa ilish , and ilish moul i it was a good catch weighing around 17 kg, little over pricey but the taste was supreme. If ilish (hilsa fish) is the king of fishes then chingri (prawn) is the queen the virtual catfight over the supreme taste of both the variety requires no further discussion, especially among bengali community. Also, it will help researchers know why the taste of hilsa from one region is different from those in another region how scientists came together bangladeshi scientists working in three continents worked together to decode the genome.

The aspects of bengali cuisine and the hilsa festival it is interesting to note that nearly every bengali community eats fish or meat quite interestingly, it is common to find a bengali meal that has a fish course at least once a day. The flavors from the gravy enhances the taste of ilish and makes it a complete balance of flavors and taste a tradition runs in our family to eat ilish on or before bijoya dashami, after which we wait for few months and have a pair of ilish on the day of saraswati puja. Hilsa is also available in chilika (orissa) and river hugli (west bengal) but when compared to the hilsa in godavari, the taste is not as good the availability of hilsa in hugli had rapidly been. Enjoy the taste of hilsa fish curry, a popular dish in orissa it is very very easy to prepare,so frds without much ado lets start the recipe. Note: citations are based on reference standards however, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study the specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied.

Request pdf on researchgate | on jan 1, 2009, thounaojam ratankumar and others published the taste of hilsa (translation) for full functionality of researchgate it is necessary to enable javascript. Ilish pulao recipe (bengali style hilsa fish pilaf) is an extremely fragrant and delicious bengali style fish pilaf cooked with ilish mach or hilsa this flavoursome bangladeshi delicacy is one of the traditional dishes of bangladesh. Bhapa ilish ( steamed hilsa with chilly mustard paste) bhapa is just the same with ingredients , except the gravy is cooked on a water bath or steamed and the fish pieces are raw, sometimes cumin seeds are also added while making mustard seeds paste. Hilsa is known to be as queen of the fish it's a very tasty and rich fish hilsa delicacy prepared with mustard paste, poppy seed paste and curd can't and for that matter won't go. Note: the taste of this dish mostly depend on the quality of fish we use the more fresh and big the hilsa is, the more tasty the dish will be try it and share your experience here.

The taste of hilsa

Hilsa has a distinctive taste, and owing to its abundance in the rivers of bengal region (bangladesh and west bengal), this fish has gradually established itself in a prominent position thereby closely associated with the the culture and cuisine of bengal. Hilsa has always been an object of desire for both india and bangladesh but i started this quest to taste hilsa kahini from bangladesh, few days back i was invited to taj bengal to cook one hilsa dish there and i cooked hilsa bharta. There is nothing to say about the taste of hilsa's taste hilsa's popularity all over the world this fish can be made from many different types of food.

  • This also washes away some of the taste and flavour of hilsa so if you have the regular hilsa slice, you would be able to appreciate the full taste and unique flavour of hilsa while the focus was on hilsa, we also had a serving of our very favourite luchi and chlola dal (bengal gram cooked in bengali style).
  • The hilsa was known to be at its tastiest at this stage: the stay in the river waters would have given it sweetness and reduced its otherwise salty taste but all this was before the farakka barrage was commissioned in 1975.

About sweet pumpkin cooked with hilsa fish head recipe a typical bengali side dish that cook the pumpkin with fried hilsa fish headvery minimum spices are used to cook to retain the original taste of pumpin and flavour of hilsabest part of this recipe is very easy to cook. The unique taste of hilsa was also believed to be attributed to the environment where it grazes or to the feed it takes hilsa of freshwater origin is tastier than those of the sea godavari hilsa was found to be testier than marine hilsa in indian waters of the bay of bengal (madhushudhana rao et al 2012. The present study was conducted to examine the taste of smoked hilsa (tenualosa ilisha) treated with different spices (salt, garlic, onion, ginger and green chilly. Dhaka: prime minister sheikh hasina has decided not to take a taste of hilsa during the pahela baishakh celebration this year, aiming to save the national fish during its breeding season.

the taste of hilsa Scarcity of hilsa, a fish with distinct marine flavour and taste, has hit the city, upsetting many bengali's during the festive season the prized fish of bengal is unavailable in the market, and fish sellers are struggling hard to order the stock and match up to the demand.
The taste of hilsa
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