Design of compact dual band microstrip patch

Compact tunable and dual band circular microstrip antenna for gsm and bluetooth applications k p ray 1, s nikhil 2 and a nair 2 1 sameer, iit campus, powai, mumbai - 400 076, india. Of a compact dual band microstrip antenna for ku-band application, international conference on electrical engineering and informatics(iceei) , vol02, pp 699-702, 5-7 aug 2009. This paper presents the design and simulation of a compact rectangular slot patch antenna for dual frequency operation at 24 ghz and 52 ghz using the inset feed technique the simulation of the designed antenna was done with the aid of computer simulation technology (cst) microwave studio version 12. Dual-band designs are achieved by embedding a narrow arc-shaped slot or placing an open-ring slot close to the boundary of the patch [10,11] however, the antennas adopted these designs have narrow impedance.

A compact dual-element antenna has been designed [6] for lte applications the proposed antenna consists of two printed meander-line monopoles that are placed edge-to-edge for good impedance matching and better return loss. The dual band design is obtained by considering similar dome shaped slot (like in uwb antenna) and chamfered rectangular patch geometry but with an additional λ/ 4 length thin metallic stub attached to the ground plane. In , a compact dual-band microstrip antenna for ku-band applications was proposed, whose dimensions are 950 mm × 10 mm × 0254 mm and which achieved a return loss of −2383 db at 1254 ghz and −1404 at 1415 ghz, with a gain greater than 4 dbi comparatively, the proposed antenna has a limited return loss. Simulation of a dual-band microstrip antenna composed of a printed dipole coupled to a rectangular patch by a quarter-wave stripline.

Design of miniaturized compact multi-band microstrip patch antenna uploaded by international journal for scientific research and development - ijsrd the present day systems are operating in two or more frequency bands, requiring dual or even triple band operation with narrowband antennas. Three multiband microstrip patch antennas (mpas) to operate at (35/55 ghz) wimax, upper (52/58 ghz) wlan and c frequency bands are presented in this paper the proposed antenna structures are mainly constructed from the fork-shaped monopole antenna. As required, a new design approach comprising of four systematic steps is introduced to achieve compact dual-band antenna, cpw-fed prfpa, starting from wide-band reference antenna, cpw-fed square patch antenna (spa. Design of compact dual-band microstrip patch antenna for gps/k-pcs operation abstract: demand for an antenna operating in multi-bands has been increasing rapidly for applications such as gps and k-pcs.

Abstract: in this paper the slotted design of microstrip patch antenna is used to produce dual wide band which is suitable for ieee80211b application by introducing the parallel slots, the two bands covering the range 225. 1abstract—a compact planar microstrip line fed 2s patch antenna has been designed and fabricated on the dielectric material substrate for d band applications. Band cp microstrip antenna with compact design has achieved design intention of having return loss of − 10 db and axial ratio of 3 db for both frequencies of. Patch antenna, the proposed crossovers are easy to design and fabricate, thus reducing the overall complexity design is verified for a dual band crossover at 24/523 ghz on fr4 (fiberglass. Analysis of the design of a single-layered microstrip antenna comprising a single patch on the top layer with slots on the radiating edges to obtain dual-band rfid reader operation at.

Design of dual-band circular microstrip patch antenna for l-band military applications in addition to compact size of the antenna, operation at two. Rfid excelled in automatic identification and data collection industry through its speed, agility and endurance an analysis of the design of a single-layered microstrip antenna comprising a single patch on the top layer with slots on the radiating edges to obtain dual-band rfid reader operation at free ism bands of 245ghz and 58ghz is presented in this letter. Dual-band operation in microstrip antennas that are currently used in gps systems is generally obtained by stacking two patch antennas one on top of the other. A dual band microstrip patch antenna has been designed for technology oriented requirements of high speed wireless local area networks (ieee 80211a standard) and other communications systems covering the 515-5825. This paper depicts a compact size, dual band antenna for x-band (radar) applications the substrate material used between the patch and the ground is of fr4 (flame retardant version 4) epoxy with a relative permittivity of 44.

Design of compact dual band microstrip patch

In this paper, a dual band compact microstrip patch antenna is proposed initially the proposed antenna resonates at 52 ghz and then by integration of two defects in. So a dual band trapezoidal microstrip patch antenna has been designed and all results are plottedsimmulating software used is ie3d keywords - v-shape slot, rt duroid, dual band, wlan, wimax. The proposed antenna is a very compact design since it can be fabricated on a board with dimensions epoxy antenna, f-shaped stub, uwb, uwb microstrip patch.

In this paper, a simple new compact design of single layer single patch element with microstrip feed line is proposed for dual frequency operation in ku-band. Design and analysis of compact u slot microstrip patch antenna 11 the voltage standing wave ratio or vswr is defined as the relation between the maximum voltage and the minimum voltage all along the transmission line. The second antenna is a dual-band microstrip antenna, which works in two frequency bands of 24 ghz-246 ghz and 516 ghz-54 ghz, and realizes the miniaturization and dual-band operation by adopting the slotting technology. The proposed antenna composed of a low-profile cylindrical monopole with a top-loaded meander line patch for k-pcs operation, and a comer-truncated square-ring microstrip patch antenna with four-slits for gps ooeration.

A new design of dual band compact microstrip antenna is proposed for ku-band applications dual band is achieved using three pairs of thin slits from the sides of a rectangular patch and feeding with a microstrip feedline.

design of compact dual band microstrip patch Design of a novel compact dualband patch antenna with microstrip-fed for wireless communication bands a novel compact dualband patch antenna with microstrip-fed is presented in this paper for wireless communication bands.
Design of compact dual band microstrip patch
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